Directed by Randy Murray
Produced by Ron J. Friedman
Andy Nelson
Andrew James Benson
Executive Producers Randy Murray
Theresa Murray
Ron Simon
Development Producer Ryan Page


Cinematography by Howie Meyer
Adam Wheeler
Chris Barron
Additional Camera
Andrew James Benson Bret Kalmbach Rick Pease
Joshua Csehak Jim Kent Ben Scharffbillig
Matt De Jesus Alex Mitchell Kieran Thompson
Travis Holt Hamilton Randy Murray Craig Young
Andy Nelson


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Adam Wheeler
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Swing Grips Matthew Hebert
Jake Johnson
Michael Magne
Ryan Murray
Hair & Makeup Jackie Niemi
Makeup – Larry King Adrienne Lynn
Production Assistants Kimberly Reinika
Juan Santer
On-Set Translator Mara Margaillan
Post Production Supervisor Ellen Magne
Post Production Assistants Jeana Chesnik
Jacob Detharidge
Alex Kaiser
Art Director Jenny Mason
Edited by David Staples
Misty Walter
Visual Effects Supervisor Carlos Weaver


Graphic Designers

James Frazier Jenny Mason
Misty Walter Barbi Harner
Jeffrey Parsons Carlos Weaver
Dayvid LeMmon David Staples


Additional Editing Ron J. Friedman
Kent M. Kreiger
Randy Murray
Supplementary Editing Dave Lundberg-Kenrick
Qa’ed Tung
Digital Colorist Nichole Petta Kizer
Film Colorist Stephen P. Arkle
Sound Design Abbott Miller
Research Assistants Marisa Anderson
Bonnie Sowle
Research Interns Cailyn Bradley
Nicole Nearhood


Music Producer Matt Cornwell
Music Composed & Conducted by Matt Cornwell
Music Engineer Sam Esparza
Guitar Greg Anderson
Peter Neff
Bass Mike King
Drums John Lewis
Vocals Holly Kirsten
Greg Anderson
Trailer Music by Steve Ouimette
Music Supervisor Andy Nelson
Additional Music Clearances Jacinta Ryan


Production Accountant Theresa Murray
Additional Accounting Services Elin Guenther
Caren Cacciatore
Ellen Magne
Film Production Legal Services Leslie B. Abell
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Production Insurance Sterling Grant & Associates


Executive Producer Ron Simon
SVP of Production Sara Kozak
General Manager Kevin Bennett
President & General Manager Henry Schleiff

Lisa Allen
Dan Ariely
Ava Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Eric Atencio
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Images of Scott Norberg Used With Permission from the Norberg Family.

The images of abused and deceased inmates are used with all due respect to their families.

Addictional Footage Dan DeVivo
Brian A.Z. Vasquez
Addictional Footage Excerpts The Immigration Paradox
Two Americans
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“Joe’s Fame”
Written by Babatunde P. Rabouin
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Tunde appears courtesy of Jahi Entertainment, LLC
Published by Bigger U Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Lisa Allen, Amy Lake, Brian Sands, Gerard A. Sheridan and everyone at the Maricopa County
Sheriff’s Office for your help and the extraordinary access over the last eight years
Sheriff Joe and Ava Arpaio for inviting us into your home
We want to acknowledge all of the good people who work for and volunteer with the MCSO.
While this film points out several of the bad eggs, we know that the vast majority of you are striving to keep our county safe and make it better.
The people of Maricopa County appreciate your dedication and service.
We also respectfully acknowledge the men and women who have died in the Maricopa County Jails,
as well as the families they’ve left behind.
Winona Meringolo, Investigation Discovery
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Lourdes Lee Vasquez & Deep Focus Cinema
Ingrid Wickelgren, Editor, Scientific American Mind
Lisa Williams, Phoenix Film Office
And thank you to everyone who came to our focus group screenings!

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