DocuWest International Film Festival



September 14, 2014
2:30 PM
DocuWest looks to explore the world of our people, our politics, our societies, our history and ourselves through the lens of filmmakers from around the globe. We embrace the idea that cinematic truth revealed in a non-narrative manner can allow the filmmaker to make choices that presents life either surreptitiously or purposely based on the choices they make.   With the ability to more easily capture subjects and events of the world through less expensive forms of production, documentary filmmaking has become an art form whereby the many voices of diverse peoples from around the planet can be heard. DocuWest’s objective is to present our audiences with stories that are not only astonishing and jarring, but awe-inspiring and thought-provoking; stories that enable dialogue and discourse to take place over the people, events or subjects presented in each film.   DocuWest is centered in the film-loving city of Denver Colorado. Screenings take place in the beautiful Sie FilmCenter in the Capital Hill area of Denver. We are proud to be branded and co-produced with the Denver Film Society. Our partnering with them, allows DocuWest to continue to bring audiences non-narrative films that allow us to take a look at ourselves.  


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